MGB Pronoun Campaign

We are MOST excited about this new (and huge!) initiative.  Blessed with enthusiastic support from top leadership across MGB, we are eager for the impending official launch of the Pronoun Campaign to occur in mid-June (and continuing through 2021).  Names and pronouns are fundamental to our identity, and every patient, staff, and visitor deserves the respect of being addressed by their correct name and pronouns — Every. Single. Time.  To achieve this goal means a culture shift away from assumptions and othering, and towards making this info explicit for all.  So what does that look like?

  •  MGB-branded pronoun buttons/pins available for all MGB employees (in English and Spanish)
  •  Pronoun stickers available for patients and visitors across the MGB system 
  •  Marketing and education materials highlighting the importance of proper pronoun use
  •  Training modules easily accessible on demand as well as in-person training available to increase knowledge about gender identity and expression.
  •  Improved EPIC integration and accessibility of pronouns both within clinical encounters and documentation

Our overall hope and plan is to ensure that correct pronoun usage will permeate all layers of MGB from our operations to clinical care to research.  Want to be a part?  Join us and help be part of the movement!